The second premiere of the Weinviertel Festival is dedicated to one of Richard Wagner's most important works. The production of "Tristan und Isolde" features an international top line-up (including Martina Serafin, Magdalena Anna Hofmann, Günther Groissböck, Christian Voigt, Thomas Johannes Mayer, René Pape, Peter Svensson) under the musical direction of Matthias Fletzberger.


Premiere: Sat, August 15, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
Further performance on Wed, August 19, 7:00 p.m.


Mikulov amphitheater (Nikolsburg)
69201 Mikulov, Czech Republic


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DirectorEdmund Emge
Production designProf. Siegwulf Turek
AnimationsMarina Emge
musical directionMatthias Fletzberger
TristanPeter Svensson (15.)
Christian Voigt (19.)
IsoldeMartina Serafin (15.)
Radostina Nikolaev (19.)
KurwenalThomas Johannes Mayer (15.)
Thomas Gazheli (19.)
BrangäneHermione May (15.)
Kethy Tavardi-Davis (19th)
King brandGünther Groissböck (15.)
René Pape (19.)
MelotThomas Markus
A shepherdAleš Briscein
A helmsmanEdmund Emge
Voice of a young sailorAleš Briscein

Ambassade Orchestra Vienna
Choir of the Weinviertel Festival


Tristan, nephew and vassal of King Markes of Cornwall, killed knight Morold, the fiancé of the Irish king's daughter Isolde, in battle and sent his head to Isolde. Tristan himself was wounded in the fight by a sword poisoned by Isolde. He traveled to Ireland under the name Tantris to be nursed back to health by her. Isolde recognized his true identity, as a splinter stuck in Morold's head fitted into the gap in Tristan's sword. She decided to avenge Morold, but the moment she looked Tristan in the eye, her hatred turned to love. Recovered, Tristan traveled to Cornwall, but returned after a while to woo Isolde for King Marke. Together, Tristan and Isolde started the cruise to Cornwall.

1st elevator

Isolde feels betrayed by Tristan and instructs her confidante Brangäne to get Tristan to speak. This reacts evasively. His servant Kurwenal declares that a hero can never be subject to the maidservant whom he himself freed for his uncle, and he sings a song of derision about Morold's death. Isolde tells Brangäne about her first meeting with Tristan. Brangäne wants to comfort her mistress and remembers the potions given by Isolde's mother. Isolde despairs at the thought of having to live near her beloved man as someone else's wife. That's why she wants to die with Tristan. When Tristan appears, Isolde asks him to drink the death potion with her as atonement for Morold. Tristan and Isolde confess their love, knowing that they are going to die. But the drink Brangäne had given them was not the death potion, but the love potion intended for Isolde and Marke. Tristan and Isolde arrive in Cornwall to the cheers of the people.

2nd elevator

King Marke went hunting with his entourage at night. Isolde is waiting for Tristan in the garden. Brangäne warns Isolde about Melot, Markes' henchman, who she thinks wants to betray the lovers. Isolde doesn't listen to them. Impatiently, she extinguishes the torch on the door, giving Tristan the agreed-upon signal. Overjoyed to see each other in peace, Tristan and Isolde come to the decision to leave this world that does not allow love and to live only for their love. At dawn, alarmed by Melot, King Marke appears with his entourage. Disappointed at Tristan's betrayal of loyalty and friendship, he sees the existence of all moral values in question. At this moment Tristan's guilt is stronger than his love for Isolde. He engages in a duel with Melot and falls into his sword.

3rd elevator

Kurwenal brought Tristan to his homeland Kareol in Brittany. Since Tristan's wound does not heal, Kurwenal has sent to Isolde to nurse Tristan back to health. A shepherd looks for the ship. He is supposed to announce the arrival in a cheerful way. Tristan’s thoughts revolve around origins and childhood that he had to spend without parents: his father died after conception, his mother after birth. Isolde finally arrives, but too late: Tristan gave up his earthly existence the moment she arrived. Brangäne also persuaded Marke to travel to Kareol so that he could forgive the lovers. Kurwenal wants to deny the arriving king access to Tristan and Isolde. Kurwenal and Melot kill each other. Isolde follows Tristan into another world.

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