ATTENTION - change of dates

ATTENTION - change of dates


Dear Weinviertel Festival lovers!

The Weinviertel Festival takes place. And that is not a matter of course, especially not in the times of Corona. Artistic director Peter Svensson did an incredible job and put together a top-class star cast not for one, but two operas, two galas and a children's opera. No small rolls are baked here.

In addition, the whole thing has to be corona thaw in times like thesebe alike. Instead of 2221 visitors, only 500 are allowed in - a question of the specifications but also of personal responsibility. Masks are handed out, disinfectant spray is available, it takes place in an open-air theater - and, as we all know, this has its advantages of course, but it harbors unbelievable disadvantages and risks for cultural organizers, be it the light or the weather. And Peter Svensson has the courage and will and says: what, if not now, where, if not here, who, if not us! Art and culture is something like a human right, we don't let ourselves get down.

But even a Peter Svensson can sometimes not do magic. And if the Brno orchestra, which was intended for the two operas Tristan and Isolde and the Flying Dutchman, is brought back to its own opera house earlier from the Corona break, even he is powerless.

The Brno orchestra, which was intended for the performances of Tristan and Isolde and the Flying Dutchman, suddenly has to go back to work for its own opera house 2 ½ weeks earlier. (first premiere of the new season was brought forward to next (!!!!) week). The wonderful Györ Philharmonic Orchestra and the fantastic Vienna Ambassade Orchestra will therefore now play for us.

However, with all the theatrical magic, there is no getting around reducing the number of performances. These are the new fixed dates:

The Flying Dutchman will be on August 14th. (Premiere) and 16.8 performed,
Tristan und Isolde plays on August 15th. (Premiere) and 19.8.

Even for us, who love and live opera, great losses and we ask for your understanding. At the same time, we are infinitely happy that it is now absolutely certain that the two performances of “Tristan & Isolde” and “The Flying Dutchman” can take place, despite Corona, and we are looking forward to four fantastic performances!

“I am incredibly proud to be the Festival President of the Weinviertel Festival and I look forward to numerous visitors! It will be a real festival! ”, Eva Walderdorff is convinced.

Because of the tickets: there is of course the possibility to rebook them or to have the purchase price refunded.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Your team from the Weinviertel Festival

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