Best of Wagner in Poysdorf

Best of Wagner in Poysdorf


Music and wine - heaven is now in Poysdorf

You have to stay in the country due to the corona and then something? Where is there a place that still puts its guests in the holiday mood? You have to be able to relax - and enjoy! Necessarily. Of course you need a well-deserved relaxation after all the work during the year. And finally you can spend time with the family! That means the following: the children have to be fine, but you also want to recharge your batteries. And when you do a little research, Poysdorf laughs at you. Here you can hike, bike and, above all, have one thing - drink wine! Poysdorf is wonderfully idyllic and relaxed, so that you can take yourself a little out of everyday life.

But of course the best comes at the end! Why a trip to Poysdorf is really worth it now is the Weinviertel Festival. And exactly the gala concert Best of Wagner - Corona Style, which took place on August 7th. and 8.8. takes place in the Gstettn in Poysdorf. The Weinviertel Festival is all about the music of the universal genius Richard Wagner. And so it is not surprising that you can hear the finest program with works by Richard Wagner here too. And yes, music is important to us, but your health is just as important to us. Therefore the comment "Corona-Style" - a smaller orchestra of 24 musicians will play, "CoronaStyle". The whole thing is arranged and conducted by Matthias Fletzberger. Art at the highest level and responsibility go hand in hand with us. The highlight of this gala is and remains star guest Tomasz Konieczny with “Song to the Evening Star” from “Tannhäuser”. He will also sing the Dutchman in the “Flying Dutchman” at the opera performances at the Weinviertel Festival in Mikulov - a luminary among the singers.

Here is the program

Duet Elsa-Ortrud from the 2nd act "Lohengrin"
Andrea van der Smissen (Elsa), Barbara Pichelbauer (Ortrud)

5 songs based on poems by Mathilde Wesendonck
Kethy Tavardi-Davies

Song to the evening star from "Tannhäuser"
Tomasz Konieczny

Finale from the 1st act "Die Walküre"
Peggy Steiner (Sieglinde), Michel Heim (Siegmund)

Chamber orchestra of the Weinviertel Festival
Conductor & arrangements: Matthias Fletzberger

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